Tory MP says people who use food banks 'have to look at how they manage their finances'

Tory MP defends Lee Anderson's food bank comments

Despite provoking outrage from many, Tory MPs are back at it again with dodgy takes on food banks.

Speaking on BBC Politics Live, Gareth Bacon was the latest politician to come out with divisive rhetoric today.

He said, when asked to explain reports that working people use the services: "People will say they don't have enough money but... sometimes people will have to look at how they manage their personal finances and there's nothing wrong in that, that is not in anyway a criticism of anyone and it's not patronising to say so.

He went on to defend Tory MP Lee Anderson for making similar comments about "budgeting" to avoid food banks.

"People have to look after their personal finances, that's perfectly true," he added.

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In response, Labour MP Chris Bryant was outraged.

"We've had ministers saying 'just go out and get that better paid job, just go and work more hours'. It is just not as simple as that," he said.

"We've had energy prices doubling in a year, wages depressed and no growth in Tory Britain."

He could barely finish his point as the show came to the end and the closing credits music started playing and presenter Jo Coburn cut him off.

Here's the full exchange:

Oh dear. Just because Gareth Bacon can bring back the bacon doesn't mean everyone can.

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