GB News viewers just voted on Brexit – and the results left host Martin Daubney speechless

GB News viewers just voted on Brexit  – and the results left host Martin Daubney speechless
GB News host left speechless as Brexit poll shows viewers now in …

Oh Brexit, will you ever be “done”? Will we ever be able to move on and say it all worked out in the end?

Alas, it doesn’t look that way, not by a long shot.

Even the right wing media are having to admit that the whole thing has been a flop – a challenge faced by one dumbfounded GB News presenter on Sunday morning.

The news outlet had asked viewers to vote on whether, given the chance again, they would vote “FOR or AGAINST Brexit”.

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It was down to host Martin Daubney to reveal the results, which he did so, initially with smug jubilation.

That was until he actually… you know… read them, and saw they weren’t what he’d been expecting at all.

Here’s the moment he discovered that 55 per cent of voters said they’d back Remain this time round:

His face at the end deserves a place in the meme hall of fame if you ask us.

The poll’s verdict came just hours after London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced, in no uncertain terms, what he thought of the UK's departure from the European Union.

“Let’s be honest: Brexit isn’t working,” he tweeted on Saturday.

“British exporters are struggling, our living standards are falling and the UK is now the only G7 country with a smaller economy than before the pandemic.

“Unless we face up to the harm Brexit is causing we can't start to address it.”

Here’s how other Twitter users have illustrated the same point:

By some strange twist of fate, Brexit was inadvertently evoked by Elon Musk earlier in the day thanks to a poll on Donald Trump.

The Twitter boss asked users to vote on whether the former president's account should be reactivated, and the "yes" votes beat the "no"s by 51.8 per cent to 48.2.

Compare that with the UK’s decision to leave the EU eight years ago: 51.9 per cent voted to leave; 48.1 per cent voted to remain.

It's no wonder people are starting to call the 52:48 ratio "cursed"...

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