George P. Bush roasted for attempting to win over Trump – the same man who insulted his parents
Erich Schlegel/Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you know your recent history of US presidents and their families then you’ll be well aware that the Trump and the Bush family do not get on.

Trump has never shied away from his criticism of the Bush family, having criticised them long before he was elected as president, with many of his jabs being aimed in the direction of Jeb Bush, the son of George H. W. Bush. Trump even went as far as calling George P’s mother, Columba, a ‘Mexican illegal.’

Now Jeb Bush’s son George P is entering the political arena but, unlike his relatives, he doesn’t appear too keen on keeping with family traditions and is controversially attempting to cosy up with Trump.

On Wednesday, the 45-year-old announced that he was going to be running for Texas’ attorney general in 2022 and he really wants the endorsement of Trump.

He’s even released merchandise featuring the controversial former president.

Given everything that Trump said about his family, including his own father, people have been more than happy to dunk on Bush for shamelessly attempting to win over the ex-president and his rabid fanbase.

That being said, Bush supported Trump during the 2016 and 2020 presidential election which pleased Trump who took to calling him “the only Bush that likes,” a quote that George P has been using on his merchandise.

However, Trump doesn’t appear willing to throw his full support behind either candidate having told CNN last week that he likes both Bush and his opponent Ken Paxton.

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