How George Santos became the biggest star on Cameo

How George Santos became the biggest star on Cameo
Fetterman hires George Santos on Cameo to troll Senator Menendez
George Santos

George Santos has swiftly transitioned from Congressman to content creator since producing Cameos for $500 a piece.

Following his explusion from Congress, it didn't take long for the 35-year-old to start selling Cameos after becoming notorious for his diva behaviour.

Cameo is a platform that allows people to request short videos from their favourite celebrities, it can be anything from birthday wishes to just a friendly hello.

Since joining that platform, Santos has gained even more attention after people begun sharing the videos they had requested from him. One clip in particular of the politician saying "botox keeps you young, fillers keep you plump" was shared hundreds of times.

In attempts to mock and embarrass both Santos and the wider Republican Party, Santos has been commissioned by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Democratic senator John Fetterman. But for Santos, it doesn't matter as long as he keeps bringing in money and fame.

Initially, Santos started his fee at $200, but as his popularity has increased so has his price. Cameo co-founder Steven Galanis has called Santos "an absolute whale" saying he's on track to make six figures in just 48 hours.

Thankfully, you don't have to line his pockets if you want to watch what he's up to. TikTok account @georgiescameos has uploaded almost 100 of Santos' cameos for us to enjoy. Take a look at the best ones below:


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