James Cleverly called 'embarrassing' for using a Simpsons meme to mock the SNP

James Cleverly called 'embarrassing' for using a Simpsons meme to mock the SNP
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Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has made the unexpected move of posting a Simpsons meme to mock the SNP.

Cleverly, who is MP for Braintree, uploaded a clip from the classic animation in reference to the party’s new leader Humza Yousaf.

The GIF is a moment from season five episode ‘Cape Feare’ which shows villainous Sideshow Bob stepping on a succession of rakes – seemingly a nod to the tough line of questions Yousaf will be facing from the media.

He added the caption: “We now go live to the Humza Yousaf press huddle.”

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The post is in reference to the latest developments in the party, which has been rocked by the arrest of former chief executive Peter Murrell and current treasurer Colin Beattie.

According to senior members of the party, Nicola Sturgeon could be the next figure arrested in the Police Scotland investigation into the party’s finances.

Cleverly came in for criticism after posting the short clip, with social media users calling it ‘inappropriate’ and calling for the foreign secretary to ‘grow up’.

Presenter and journalist Matthew Stadlen wrote: “James. You’re literally the Foreign Secretary. Get a grip.”

Journalist Andreas Wiseman also criticised Cleverly by writing: “You're the UK's Foreign Secretary, one of the leading positions of government and one of our key representatives on the world stage. Is this appropriate?”

Cleverly was appointed Foreign Secretary last SeptemberLeon Neal/Getty Images

Writer Catherine Jones added: “Grow up. This is utterly embarrassing, and not worthy of the office that you hold on the British people's behalf.”

LBC’s James O’Brien also launched into a rant criticising Cleverly on his show, saying: “He has posted a GIF of Sideshow Bob… the holder of one of the four great officers of state thinks it’s either appropriate, suitable or funny to post Simpsons GIFs.

It comes amid the ongoing probe into how more than £660,000 in donations to the party earmarked for an independence referendum had been used.

One senior SNP figure told The Independent it was likely that former First Minister of Scotland Sturgeon would also be arrested, given that she is one of the three names believed to be on party accounts.

The latest developments come less than a month after winning the contest to succeed Sturgeon as SNP leader and First Minister.

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