James O'Brien lists Boris Johnson's 19 worst deeds in blistering take down

James O'Brien lists Boris Johnson's 19 worst deeds in blistering take down
'Refusal to feed poorest children in lockdown': James O'Brien lists Boris Johnson's ...

With the impending release of the Sue Gray report into Partygate and new revelations rising to the surface of that a birthday party took place while Covid lockdown restrictions were in place, it's fair to say Boris Johnson must be feeling the heat.

Though it's not the first time that the prime minister has been involved in controversy and accused of misbehaviour, in fact as LBC's James O'Brien pointed out, this reputation has followed him throughout his political career.

To drive home this point, the radio host decided to share a list he made from his listener's suggestions of the 19 worst deeds that Johnson has ever done.

At the beginning, O'Brien highlighted that this list could go on as he said: "I can tell you now there are at least... 10 more [deeds] right now in my inbox staring at me that haven't made the cut."

O'Brien listed:

  • "The decision to send Jacob Rees-Mogg to Balmoral to mislead The Queen about the unlawful proroguing of parliament," that took place in 2019.
  • "He invented the genre of journalism that told lies about the European Union, our membership of it, and essentially groomed and gaslit an entire nation into Brexit.
  • "The claim that the best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox,a passionate anti-Brexit campaigner assassinated by white supremacist terrorists during the Brexit campaign would be to - and I quote Boris Johnson: 'Get Brexit done.'"
  • "Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's plight - his contribution to that was to make it worse by sticking his foot in his mouth once again."
  • "The deployment of the phrase:'tank-topped bum boys' displaying a sort of casual, deeply unpleasant homophobia."
  • "The [coronavirus] death toll which stands at 154,356 and how many of the people would still be alive if he had adopted different policies."

O'Brien also accused Johnson of: "Jeopardising the peace process in Northern Ireland," with the Irish Sea border and slammed him for the "refusal to continue to help feed the poorest children in the country during the school holidays in lockdown," only to U-turn once Marcus Rashford "rightfully intervened."

"Ladies and gentlemen, your Prime Minister," O'Brien concluded.

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The LBC host shared his clip and reflected on the comprehensive list he spoke about and wrote: "The more you remember, the more baffling the whole Johnson thing becomes."

O'Brien's clinical breakdown of Johnson's controversies and wrongdoings has been shared thousands of times on Twitter as people also shared their thoughts on the PM's past behaviour.

Meanwhile, some people shared some other suggestions to add to the growing list.

One person pointed to Johnson's previous comments he made on LBC about historical child sex abuse cases in 2019 when he claimed police funding was being "spaffed up the wall" on this.

Another highlighted the PM's previous comment in a 2018 Daily Telegraph column where he compared veiled Muslim women to “letterboxes” and "bank robbers."

As a result of the controversy, Johnson apologised and said: “I’ve already said sorry for any offence I have caused and I’ll say it again, but let me be very clear that I don’t set out to cause offence in what I’ve written."

Can't imagine these points will feature in any future Boris Johnson autobiography...

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