Biden goes full Dark Brandon by trashing Trump on blood-red stage with silhouetted marines

Biden goes full Dark Brandon by trashing Trump on blood-red stage with silhouetted marines
US President Joe Biden warns Trump's 'extreme ideology' could derail democracy

The "dark Brandon" meme has become reality.

On Thursday night, President Joe Biden gave a passionate speech about protecting democracy in America at Independence Hall in Pennsylvania.

Shaking his fists, the president emphasizing the importance of unity and condemned Donald Trump and his supporters for being 'extremists'.

The speech had a serious and dark tone to it mainly due to the lighting on the stage. Biden stood at a podium on a noticeably dark stage with red lights backlighting him.

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The silhouettes of two marines stood back on either side of the president only lit by red, ominous lights.

Online, people joked that the dark Brandon meme had come to fruition.

Dark Brandon first became noticeable in early August as a spin-off of the 'Let's Go Brandon' meme. Like its name implies, dark Brandon portrays Biden as an evil villain.

Thursday's speech seemed to perfectly capture what people believe the dark version of Biden is.

The lighting behind Biden was seemingly meant to reflect the colors of the American flag, however the red was so prominent photos and videos from the speech only seem eerie.

Conservatives criticized the tone of the speech for being 'satanic' while Biden supporters leaned into the dark Brandon meme.

"The imagery there was almost satanic with that blood red lighting and the two marines behind him," Monica Crowley said on Fox News.

During his speech, the president called out MAGA Republicans for being a 'threat to this country' who do not respect the Constitution. Biden asked Americans to help restore democracy in the country by rejecting Trump and coming together, no matter ideological differences.

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