Joe Biden compared to Satan following his 'War on Christmas' speech

Biden reflects on the death of his first wife and daughter in …

US president Joe Biden has landed himself in hot water and Satan comparisons from Republicans and Conservatives following his Christmas address all because he failed to call Jesus by name.

The 80-year-old's message which mostly focused on the death of his first wife Neilia Hunter, did mention Jesus but he instead referred to the biblical figure as the 'Son of God.'

Biden said: "And we look to the sky, to a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest, guiding us to the birth of a child—a child Christians believe to be the son of God; miraculously now, here among us on Earth, bringing hope, love and peace and joy to the world."

For most people, this slight omission wouldn't be an issue but for those on the right of the political equation in the United States this was completely unacceptable.

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On Twitter, Hamlet Garcia wrote: "Satan never mentions Jesus by name, he is afraid of God and he is afraid of Christians who know how to pray in a way that brings God closer. #Biden Delivers Christmas Address Without Mentioning Jesus By Name: A Child Christians Believe To Be The Son Of God."

Similar sentiments were expressed by former Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo who referenced abortion laws after being asked for his opinion on Biden's "War on Christmas."

Elsewhere on Newsmax , Father Gerald Murray of the Archdiocese of New York said: "President Biden is always talking about his Catholicism and how it inspired him. If you're going to honor the birth of Jesus, you should mention his name. I was very sad to see that. That's not anything that should be imitated in the future."

Also on Newsmax, former Dukes of Hazzard actor John Schneider said: "This man has got to face his maker and explain why he can't say 'Jesus Christ' is my Lord and savior and I will run my country under his guidelines."

Over on Fox News, former Georgia Republican Doug Collins called the whole thing "sad." He said: "Not saying the name of Jesus—look, there are other holidays to celebrate, but Christmas is the birth of Christ. When we celebrate the birth of Christ who came and gave us the gift of life. That's what we celebrate and to take that out is just sad."

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