Jordan Peterson suspended from Twitter over 'up yours, woke moralists' comment
Jordan Peterson

Controversial right-wing professor Jordan Peterson, known for his 12 Rules for Life, deadnaming actor Elliot Page and making a “condescending” appeal to his Muslim fans, turned up at ‘Britain’s strictest school’ this week – and people were rightly alarmed.

Michaela Community School, in Wembley, is helmed by headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh and requires children to walk in single file and not talk to each other between lessons – with detentions handed out for messy work, lateness or not having a pen to write with.

Sharing two pictures of Mr Peterson at the school, Ms Birbalsingh tweeted: “Look who is at Michaela today!”

She went on to add that the commentator was “moved” and “tears fell” as pupils wished him a good morning, despite the images posted to social media showing Mr Peterson looking far from amused at the position in which he found himself.

So much so, that Twitter users were quick to point out his neutral expression, and meme the situation accordingly:

Others expressed concern at Mr Peterson – of all people – being invited to speak to children, with some referencing the UK government’s counter-extremism programme, Prevent:

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Ms Birbalsingh has not responded well to the backlash, issuing a series of follow-up tweets in which she said the reactions were “horrifying” and claimed “the world has gone mad”.

“I tweeted two photos of Jordan Peterson visiting Michaela and someone reported me to the police for hate crime and various others have demanded Ofsted inspect us immediately.

“We have 600 visitors every year. I invite all of you to come! I don’t care about your politics or beliefs.

“Same for JP. We ought to believe in freedom of thought. But so many of us don’t,” she wrote.

Ms Birbalsingh also confirmed that she does “just let anyone visit our school” and that Mr Peterson apparently said the children he sat with where “clever, careful, polite and he loved talking with them”.

Mr Peterson is currently in the UK as part of his “12 More Rules for Life” tour, which included an event at Wembley Arena on Friday and concludes with a talk at the Eventim Apollo on Wednesday.

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