Keir Starmer wrote a 14,000 word essay setting out his vision for the Labour Party and was immediately roasted

Keir Starmer sometimes faces criticism about not standing for anything.

Despite 17 months in at the post as the leader of the opposition, many are unclear what policies a Starmer government would enact in the country and some on the left think he does not provide a strong enough opposition to Johnson.

Until now.

With the UK hopefully gradually putting the pandemic behind it thanks to the vaccine rollout, it was time for Starmer to put himself out there and tell the electorate exactly what he stands for.

So that he did, in a 14,000 essay called ‘The Road Ahead’, which was published last night by thinktank the Fabian Society .

Instead of being pleased that Starmer did have ideas though - 14,000 words of them in fact - his critics were not assuaged and instead Starmer was roasted for writing the lengthy essay which they saw as too long and a bit dull.

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Here are some of the best memes and reactions of this ilk:

The Labour Party conference takes place in Brighton next week and Starmer will deliver his first in-person speech to members on Wednesday. Let’s just hope it is a bit more concise than his essay.

Poor Starmer. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t...

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