Keir Starmer has reportedly rolled back another one of his Labour leadership pledges

Keir Starmer has reportedly rolled back another one of his Labour leadership pledges

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Just days after a protester stormed the Labour Party Conference stage, covered Sir Keir Starmer in glitter and demanded a “people’s house”, the party leader has reportedly dropped his previous commitment to scrap the House of Lords.

Sir Keir succeeded Jeremy Corbyn in the 2020 leadership election on a ticket which saw him make 10 pledges on a range of political issues – one of which was to “abolish the House of Lords” and “replace it with an elected chamber of regions and nations” as part of a “radical devolution of power, wealth and opportunity”.

However, The Observer reported on Sunday that Labour looks to “scale back its plans for House of Lords reform during a first time in office”, citing “several shadow cabinet sources” who have told the outlet that it would cause “huge constitutional upheaval” and clog up the parliamentary timetable.

The paper added an elected chamber would still be a long-term objective for Labour, but the first term in government would only see them go as far as to consider capping peer numbers, strengthening the Lords’ appointments body, and ditching the remaining hereditary peers, according to senior figures.

It’s not the first time that Sir Keir has appeared to U-turn on past pledges, as he’s abandoned the abolition of tuition fees (that was under commitment number two, “social justice”); and told the BBC he would not nationalise the Big Six energy companies (commitment five, “common ownership”),

In past comments made to BBC News, Sir Keir said: “I stand by the principles and the values behind the pledges I made to our members, but the most important pledge I made was that I would turn it into a party that would be fit for government, capable of winning a general election. I’m not going to be deflected from that.”

He confirmed “winning a general election” was more important than unity within his own party.

And with The Observer also writing that Labour is considering stepping back from plans for social care reform in next year’s election, Twitter/X users have expressed frustration at yet more U-turns – with one going as far as to brand Sir Keir Starmer “the most untrustworthy politician in Britain”:

It certainly doesn’t stop the Conservatives from continuing to push the line that Sir Keir ‘flip flops’ on political issues – a retort which the Tories have sought to commercialise in the form of actual summer footwear featuring the Labour leader.

The £16.99 flip flops have proven popular, it seems, as they’re currently out of stock.

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