Here's the latest twist in Labour's attack ads drama

Here's the latest twist in Labour's attack ads drama
Keir Starmer looks unrecognisable in resurfaced footage from the 90s

Over the last few days, Labour and Keir Starmer have attracted criticism from across the political spectrum because of a series of attack ads about the Tories.

One advert used a picture of Rishi Sunak and said the PM “does not believe adults convicted of sexually assaulting children should go to prison” and pointed to the Conservative record on offenders avoiding jail.

David Blunkett, the former Labour home secretary said he had been left “close to despair” by what he described as a “deeply offensive” advert, which he said marked a descent into “gutter” politics.

But now, leader Starmer has said he will “make absolutely zero apologies for being blunt” in an article for the Mail.

He said he will “stand by every word Labour has said on this subject” and would continue to use the Conservatives’ record on crime as a legitimate criticism “no matter how squeamish it might make some feel”.

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“For the first time in my lifetime, everywhere you look – from the economy to the NHS to the chaos on our streets – we have been set on a path of decline,” Starmer said.

He said the last decade had seen the UK “become a country where thugs, gangs and monsters mock our justice system and make decent people’s lives a misery”.

Starmer said the party would be repeatedly calling out the Conservatives on uncomfortable issues. “When fewer than two in every 100 reported rapists see the inside of a courtroom, it means victims are being told their bravery means nothing by the Tories,” he wrote.

“I make absolutely zero apologies for being blunt about this. I stand by every word Labour has said on the subject, no matter how squeamish it might make some feel. When 4,500 child abusers avoid prison, people don’t want more excuses from politicians – they want answers.”

A report in the Times on Monday claims that the attack adverts are set to continue but on a different topic, stating that Sunak thinks it is “acceptable” for council tax to rise above £2,000 and “it’s right” people are paying higher mortgages.

We're sure these adverts will continue to cause drama.

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