Labour has a plan to stop your boss messaging you out of work hours

Labour has a plan to stop your boss messaging you out of work hours
Starmer says party will go 'further than New Labour' under his leadership

Many of us strive for a proper work-life balance, and under plans drawn up by Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner, your boss could be blocked from messaging you outside of work if her party wins the next general election.

The Financial Times reports the party, helmed by Sir Keir Starmer, will include proposals enforcing the “right to switch off” in their next manifesto as part of a “New Deal for Working People”.

It means controversial ‘zero-hours contracts’ – whereby no minimum working hours are required, and work is provided as and when required – would be banned by Labour, with a block on ‘fire and rehire’ also planned to stop employers sacking staff and re-employing them again on worser conditions.

Ms Rayner, who is also the shadow secretary for the future of work told FT: “Constant emails and calls outside of work should not be the norm and is harming work-life balance for many.

“We will look at how to implement this in practice, learning from countries where it has been introduced successfully.”

It’s not unusual, either, as France passed a new law in 2016 which granted its citizens the “right to disconnect” from work out of hours. Two years later, the French arm of British company Rentokil had to pay an ex-employee €60,000 after it breached the legislation.

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However, the proposals have already proved divisive with people on Twitter, with some questioning how this will apply to MPs and ministers themselves:

Others were on board with the idea:

Given how much the Tories enjoy WhatsApp groups, we can’t help but feel like they don’t like this idea at all…

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