Lauren Boebert mocked for inventing a military ranking

Lauren Boebert mocked for inventing a military ranking
Lauren Boebert uses non-existent military rank in Twitter rant defending State of ...

Lauren Boebert has been duly roasted online after making a blunder by accidentally making up a military rank.

The Republican congresswoman made headlines after she rudely heckled Joe Biden during his State of the Union speech as he spoke of his dead son, shouting “Thirteen of them!” in reference to the 13 soldiers killed in Afghanistan last year.

In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday (March 15), Boebert recalled how she recevied messages from some of the parents of the fallen soldiers to thank her for interrupting the speech after her heckling became news.

"After I spoke up, a few of the parents of our fallen soldiers reached out to me, and one of the moms encouraged me to share her thoughts with you,” Boebert said, and read one of the messages aloud. 'Hello Mrs Boebert. I am Shana Chappell, the mother of Lieutenant Corporal Kareem Nikoui…'"

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The 20-year-old Marine Corps Lance Corporal Kareem M Nikoui was killed in the suicide bombing along with 12 other soldiers at Hamid Karzai International Airport, assisting Afghans attempting to escape Taliban rule, The Independentreported.

But Boebert managed to make a gaffe in the form of mentioning a non-existent military title "lieutenant corporal."

Later on, Boebert corrected her mistake, and tweeted that she had meant to say "Lance Corporal."

But before realising her error, Twitter was on hand to duly point out the faux pas to the congresswoman.

Even Dictionary.com helpfully - and sassily - gave a tongue-in-cheek response with a link to their website on the definitions of military ranks.

This mistake echoes similarities to Boebert's Republican colleague Marjorie Taylor Green who also made an embarrassing blunder earlier this year when she confused Gestapo (the Nazi secret police) with gazpacho (a chilled tomato soup).

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