Tory MP accuses BBC of leading a 'witch hunt' against Boris Johnson

A Tory MP has gone on a bizarre rant, claiming that journalists scrutinising elected politicians is akin to "a witch hunt".

In an interview with the BBC after Boris Johnson narrowly won his no confidence vote last night, Lee Anderson seethed at those still asking questions about the PM's leadership and said he should be left alone to rule the country in peace.

"What people see is a witch hunt led by the BBC," he moaned.

"You've had it in for Boris from day one, it's been a massive witch hunt. It's about time you got off his back, let him crack on with running the country. Come back and talk to me in two years time when he's delivered on his promises then we'll see where we are then."

After the BBC reporter said there was no "witch hunt" Anderson doubled down on his claims, said his constituents want to see the broadcaster defunded, echoing claims by Nadine Dorries, and also accused the Labour party and "mainstream media" of being a part of the hunt.


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"You're not going to let this drop are you?" he said. "You're going to go on and on and on," he added, going on and on.

"It's not about letting the drop and it is not a witch hunt by anyone in the press," the reporter reminded him. "Our job is to ask questions of all politicians which is what we do regardless of party."

It was spicy viewing that made its way around social media and it was nice for an MP to get a lesson in democracy live on air but we doubt it endeared Anderson to the BBC anymore.

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