New book reveals Liz Truss's last words as Prime Minister and they're worse than we expected

New book reveals Liz Truss's last words as Prime Minister and they're worse than we expected
Keir Starmer makes funny swipe at Liz Truss book title

A new book about Liz Truss has revealed details about the former Prime Minister's short-lived leadership ... including her last words.

Out of the Blue: the inside story of the unexpected rise and rapid fall of Liz Truss by Harry Cole and Jamea Heale was released last week much to the anticipation of readers.

Split into two parts, the book takes readers through key moments in Truss's life that led to her becoming Prime Minister and then notable parts of Truss's seven-week premiership.

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One of those notable moments includes the events that transpired before Truss was forced to resign.

And for any person who is interested in knowing what Truss said before she gave up her leadership, Cole and Heale have revealed all.

According to a line in the book, Truss left Downing Street reminding herself, and others, not to worry, "I'm relieved it's all over... at least I've been Prime Minister," Truss apparently said.

Truss's dramatic time as Prime Minister has become both a political and cultural moment in UK history. While the former Prime Minister left the UK economy in shambles, she also incited memes and jokes like the iceberg lettuce.

Already, the few lines about Truss's final moments sparked more memes and jokes on Twitter.



Like Truss's premiership, the book took some unexpected turns as the authors were forced to adapt the narrative and biography as events unfolded.

Cole and Heale changed the subtitle of the book to reflect Truss's rise and fall twice, added chapters about Truss's final moments, and moved up the publication date.

But the authors managed to get it done as the book was officially released on 24 November.

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