What's going to happen to Liz Truss 'rise to power' biography?

What's going to happen to Liz Truss 'rise to power' biography?
Who could replace Liz Truss as prime minister if she is ousted?

Liz Truss announced her resignation as prime minister on Thursday (20 October) in Downing Street after being in power for less than two months.

It all kicked off when she and ex-chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced a mini-budget that sent the economy and the pound's value into a downward spiral.

Last week, she ended up firing Kwarteng, replacing him with Jeremy Hunt. Then, this week, her Home Secretary Suella Braverman left her role after being deemed to have sent a classified document from a personal email.

And on Thursday evening, more chaos ensued in parliament after reports that Tory MPs were being "manhandled" and "bullied" into voting to support the government on a fracking bill.

Since all of these whirlwind moments happened in Truss' government, people on social media are starting to poke fun at what's going to happen to an upcoming about her "rise to power."

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The biography titled Out of the Blue: The inside story of Liz Truss and her explosive rise to power is written by The Sun's political editor Harry Cole and James Heale, the diary editor of The Spectator.

The word explosive was recently swapped in for astonishing following recent events - but the title may have to be changed yet again.

It's slated to be released on 8 December and is set to chronicle Truss' journey from a schoolgirl to Britain's new prime minister.

But with Truss' resignation, many people have taken to the internet to jokingly share "thoughts and prayers" about the book. Some even think it should be pulled from shelves, entirely re-written or pulped.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Thoughts and prayers for Harry Cole and James Heale, whose book 'Out of the Blue,' about Liz Truss's 'astonishing rise to power,' hasn't even been published yet."

"Is your book being pulped now then, or a hasty re-write?" another added while a third wrote: "I can hear the sound of a million copies of Harry Cole's book being pulped."

Someone else quipped: "Harry Cole's book on Truss will be shorter than most Oxford Reading Tree books at this rate."

Check out other reactions below.

Indy100 reached out to Cole via Twitter DM, and email about plans for a re-write and if the book is still slated for 8 December.

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