Liz Truss looking lost at her own press conference has become an instant meme

Liz Truss looking lost at her own press conference has become an instant meme
Liz Truss heckled as she leaves stage following statement

It's fair to say that Liz Truss has had a difficult start to her tenure as prime minister.

The former foreign secretary has only been in the job for just over a month and it is already starting to feel like the end days of a premiership, not necessarily the start of one.

The disastrous mini-budget that no ex-chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced has virtually been erased from history due to the financial market turmoil that it unleashed.

Kwarteng was eventually sacked from his job after just 38 days which isn't a good look for him or Truss. Now the more experienced figure of Jeremy Hunt is in the role but that poses problems due to the different types of Conservative ideologies that he and Truss.

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Perhaps then an unscheduled press conference that Truss called on Friday afternoon would ease worries amongst the markets and her own Tory MPs. That was easier said than done, as Truss managed to speak for just 8 minutes and only took three questions from the press before making her exit.

It was hardly a press conference that will have settled many people's nerves and one particular moment during the proceedings seemed to sum up the state of UK politics right now. After taking a question from Ben Riley-Smith of The Telegraph, Truss then looked utterly confused for a few seconds as she scanned the room in desperate search of Harry Cole from The Sun.

This may have seemed like a fairly incidental moment but it proved to be just the fodder the internet was after to pour more mockery on Truss as those few seconds have now become a pretty hilarious meme.

It's possibly even better than the "pork markets" joke, which is saying something.

It remains to be seen what happens next for Truss but all we can say is: "thanks for the memes."

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