Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed for outrageous Covid-19 comments: ‘We can’t live forever’

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to spread misinformation regarding Covid-19, despite being temporarily banned from Twitter for doing just that.

Trading in her keyboard for guest spots on right-wing news networks, the controversial Republican appeared on “Real America’s Voice,” a self-described “platform for patriots all across America who care about traditional values” to broadcast the erroneous claim that Covid cases are not “actually” crowding hospitals’ emergency rooms and intensive care units.

“Yes, the waiting rooms get full. But guess what? The waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just Covid,” she said, alleging to have spoken to “local hospitals.”

“So while the news tries to tell us the hospitals are slam-packed with Covid, that’s just not the case. Everyone needs to get back down to common sense and remember that, you know, we’re human, we can’t live forever,” she continued.

“We’re going to catch all kinds of illnesses and viruses, and we get hurt sometimes,” Greene, who has no education, qualifications or experience related to medicine and/or healthcare, concluded.

Like clockwork, Twitter quickly blasted the conspiracy theorist for essentially telling people to get over Covid and, well, die.

Others mocked Greene’s claim that the real problem is in the waiting rooms, as opposed to the ICUs .

There have been 67 thousand Covid-related hospitalisations in Georgia, Greene’s home state, according to Georgia’s Covid-19 Data Hub. 19 thousand of these cases resulted in death.

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