Matt Hancock compared to a ‘zombie’ after being pictured in a bizarre walking stance

<p>Looks like Matt Hancock audition for a role in a zombie film</p>

Looks like Matt Hancock audition for a role in a zombie film


No, this isn’t a still from Shaun of the Dead, it’s health secretary Matt Hancock walking into 10 Downing Street.

Hancock can been seen in the image with his two hands out in front of him, and it’s left people confused - it’s not exactly the most natural or comfortable position for our limbs.

And now the photo has become the latest political meme to make rounds online, as people can’t help but notice Hancock’s zombie-like pose.

The image has only existed for less than a day and people are already getting creative with their hilarious edits of Hancock’s rendition of The Walking Dead.

Instagram account, “The Arch Bishop of Banterbury” has posted several edited images of Hancock (swipe below to see).

The health secretary seamlessly fitting in as a background dancer in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, with the caption - “This is Thriller!”

In another, the West Suffolk MP is like a puppet on a string (literally) as marionettes are edited on to his limbs - red blushing cheeks and a Pinocchio nose are also added. Possibly in a nod to the accusations that he has lied throughout this pandemic?

The caption reads: “Is he a man or a puppet?”

The third photo is the same as the previous one, except this time Hancock the puppet is animated and can walk down Downing Street.

Next, someone has made it look like Hancock was doing a spot of laundry by editing him holding a towel with the caption: “Is he taking out the washing?”

In a fourth image, Hancock can be seen as a wind up toy as he has a metallic key edited on to his back, with a caption that reads: “Matt the wind-up merchant.”

Finally, the health secretary has a falcon perched on his arm (edited obviously) and is described as “Matt the Falconer” in the caption.

Well, if Hancock ever wants to give up the day job, he’d make a great zombie extra.

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