Michael Gove promotes new Tory election policies - but there’s one small problem

Michael Gove promotes new Tory election policies - but there’s one small problem
Michael Gove announces three new Tory policies, despite standing down as MP

Staunch Brexiteer and gaffe-prone politician Michael Gove has enjoyed a number of ministerial positions since he was first elected as an MP back in 2005 – from education secretary, to his current role leading the government’s work on levelling up, housing and communities.

And now he’s starring in videos promoting a number of new pledges and commitments made by the Conservatives during this general election period – even though he’s stood down as a member of parliament following its dissolution on Thursday and won’t be standing for election on these policies.

In a letter sent to the Conservative Association in his constituency of Surrey Heath last Friday, and shared on social media the same day, Gove wrote: “[I] know the toll office can take, as do those closest to me. No one in politics is a conscript. We are volunteers who willingly choose our fate.

“And the chance to serve is wonderful. But there comes a moment when you know that it is time to leave. That a new generation should lead.”

He concluded by writing that he would “do everything I can to support” Rishi Sunak and “every Conservative candidate in this election” – and it seems Sunak has taken him up on this offer, with CCHQ having him present a social media video outlining three new policies on issues such as fly-tipping, social tenants and fines on utility companies.

Gove said on Friday: “Here’s three new policies that we’re announcing today. One, if you fly-tip, you could get points on your driver’s licence as well as a fine.

“The worst offenders could get unlimited fines, and up to five years in prison.

“Secondly, we’ll change the law so that landlords will evict social tenants whose behaviour disrupts the neighbourhood. If you’re wrecking your local community through disruptive behaviour, you won’t be a part of it anymore.

“And three, we’re committing to raising the fines on utility companies who botch the restoration of pavements. We will protect your streets from being torn apart.”

Yet as much as Gove likely wants voters to discuss these proposed policies, many social media users have instead responded to the video to question why a politician who is not contesting his seat at the upcoming election to present the video:

Gove joins more than 70 other Conservative MPs who have left parliament this week, with other big Tory names not contesting their seats in this election including former prime minister Theresa May, ex-health secretary Sajid Javid, former justice secretary Dominic Raab and ex-vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi.

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