Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Boris Johnson's achievements 'historic'

A mother has sent Mumsnet into a tailspin by confessing her attraction to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Posting on the platform, the woman revealed she had been swooning over the former minister and left other mothers rattled.

She wrote: "Am I the only one who finds Jacob Rees Mogg strangely attractive?

"He appears a gentleman with impeccable manners, very well spoken, a great orator and debater, well dressed and [striked out] ratherheadmasterly too."

Responding to her lustful admission, other mothers ostracised the original poster and shamed her for her Tory kink.

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"Oh come on now!" one pleaded. "That’s enough".

"I'm reporting this thread," another said.

A third said: "He's such an unpleasant man - it wouldn't matter what he looked like for me."

And a fourth announced: "Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks for that."

We really didn't expect to see this today so we are a bit rattled too. But there's only one person's opinion that matters in this story.

indy100 has contacted Rees-Mogg to see what he makes of his newfound status as the ahemPete Davidson of politics

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