Nadine Dorries mocked as Boris Johnson book resolves ‘legal delay’ and confirms release date

Nadine Dorries mocked as Boris Johnson book resolves ‘legal delay’ and confirms release date
Nadine Dorries criticises MPs who 'ignore their constituents' in resurfaced clip
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A week after her former Mid Bedfordshire seat was won by Labour (with Sir Keir Starmer’s candidate Alistair Strathern overturning a majority of more than 24,000), Nadine Dorries is being ridiculed again as her book on Boris Johnson’s “political assassination”The Plot – has been given a new release date.

It was initially set for publication on 28 September, just before this year’s Conservative Party Conference, but it was hit with a “small delay” as publisher HarperCollins said it needed more time to “allow for the huge volume of material the author has consulted, the number of high-level sources spoken to, and the required legal process needed to share [Dorries’] story”.

Now, it’s set to come out on 9 November.

The ex-culture secretary turned TalkTV presenter has previously said of her upcoming book: “I had wanted to discover the forces behind the downfall of the prime minister. Instead, I found a fault line within the Conservative Party stretching back decades and a history of deception fuelled by the darkest political arts.

“If you thought that power flowed from the people into parliament, be prepared to think again.”

Dorries repeated that line in a post to X (formerly known as Twitter) on Friday, which included a graphic offering up a definition of ‘plot’ as “a secret plan made by several people to do something that is wrong, harmful, or not legal, especially to do damage to a person or a government”.

Well then.

Yet, instead of making people “think again” about the flow of power in UK politics, it seems people are thinking again about buying the book altogether instead:

HarperCollins, meanwhile, have described the book as a “seismic, untold story” and an “urgent look at how our government really operates”, with Dorries having an “innate storytelling ability”.

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