Nadine Dorries responds to memes speculating that she fancies Boris Johnson

Nadine Dorries responds to memes speculating that she fancies Boris Johnson
Nadine Dorries says she doesn't 'fancy' Boris Johnson

Nadine Dorries has responded to the meme suggesting that she fancies the prime minister Boris Johnson.

The culture secretary made the comments during an appearance on LBC with the PM’s sister Rachel Johnson hosting the show.

In the interview, Dorries clarified that she does not fancy Boris Johnson after a meme of her gazing at the PM has been circulating on social media but she suggested otherwise.

During a discussion about why she’s such a strong ally of the PM, despite the various scandals he’s been involved in, Rachel Johnson said: “I’ve got to ask – perhaps I’m the only person who can ask – but you do look at my brother in a particular way, I’m sure the listeners have seen the memes – the adoring memes.”

Dorries suggested that she looks at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in the same way and denied she has romantic feelings for the PM.

Dorries replied: “I’ve had that so many times! I look at Keir Starmer in the same way and no one ever does memes of that, do they?”

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Rachel Johnson then asked: “What do you see in him?”

Dorries replied: “First of all, I don’t fancy your brother – not a bit.”

“He’ll be gutted,” Johnson replied. Dorries responded: “I think he knows.”

She went on to say she has “always seen the potential in him” and said she has been rooting for him to be PM since 2012.

She continued: “It was absolutely obvious, he was always going to be the person who got the Conservatives the kind of majority they deserved and also have the radical agenda we needed to get things done that needed to be done.”

In response to the clip posted on Twitter, one horrified viewer wrote: “I just turned inside out before my soul left my physical body and ascended to another realm to escape the cringe.”

The MP has been a strong supporter of the PM and was recently ridiculed for claiming that Johnson wasn’t booed when attending a service Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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