Nadine Dorries mocked for claiming Boris wasn't booed at the Queen’s jubilee

Nadine Dorries mocked for claiming Boris wasn't booed at the Queen’s jubilee
'Substantial' booing for Boris Johnson as he arrives for Queen’s Jubilee service

Nadine Dorries has been one of the most loyal supporters of Boris Johnson ever since the Partygate scandal first broke, and her latest claim about the Prime Minister has been mocked pretty relentlessly online.

The Culture minister said that Johnson and his wife Carrie were not greeted with boos after they arrived at St Paul's Cathedral for the National Thanksgiving Service as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

When, in reality, they were.

Some members of the crowd booed as the pair got out of their car and walked up the steps of the cathedral on Friday.

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The footage of the reception quickly went viral on social media, and many pointed out that the people who go to Royal events aren't typically 'woke liberal remaniacs' that criticise Johnson.

Dorries, though, took issue with the reporting of the event with a tweet, which was picked apart by social media users.

“There were far, far more cheers, but that doesn’t make a good headline does it,” she wrote.

James Felton was one of those who replied, writing: “Genuine question; are you aware of the fact that other people can hear sounds.”

ITV News’ Chris Ship wrote: “The facts are, and I was there, the boos were very loud indeed. No escaping that. Reporters are there to report. Not make stuff up.”

“Just when it seems you could not embarrass yourself any more, this tweet,” another said.

The reception from the crowd comes following months of controversy amid the partygate scandal.

Johnson received a fine, before the Sue Gary report published photos of the prime minister at other Downing Street staffers enjoying drinks and food at various parties that were held at the PM's home during the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

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