Nadine Dorries shares cringeworthy meme in response to sharing her Netflix password

Nadine Dorries shares cringeworthy meme in response to sharing her Netflix password
Nadine Dorries says 'edgy' Channel 4 News 'doesn't do itself any favours'

Nadine Dorries has spoken out after the culture secretary, cracked a joke about breaching Netflix’s terms and conditions on Friday.

The streaming giant’s policies state users can only share their passwords with people they live with, but Dorries revealed during a session with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee that friends and family across the UK have her login details too.

Describing the current system for subscribers as “incredibly generous”, the Mid Bedfordshire MP said: “My mum has access to my account, the kids do. I have Netflix but there are four other people who can use my Netflix account in different parts of the country.

“Am I not supposed to do that,” she added, laughing.

Not really, Nadine.

In April Netflix hinted it will crack down on households sharing passwords as the number of households using the streaming service fell by 200,000 in the first three months of the year.

Though it seems as though Ms Dorries realised her potential rule-breaking later that day, when she quote tweeted a tweet from Netflix – which reads “love is sharing a password” – with a popular meme:

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Of course, government ministers attempting to meme never usually ends well, and Twitter had mixed reactions to it:

Others took aim at another key moment from the DCMS Committee session, when she said 96 per cent of people were supportive of the controversial decision to privatise Channel 4, but it’s actually the other way around:

Yes, that is our culture secretary, and we’re shocked too.

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