Boris Johnson believes use of munitions on civilians in Ukraine ‘fully qualifies ...

Nadine Dorries has thrown her support behind the people of Ukraine by spelling the country's name wrong.

The culture minister attempted to say that she "stood with" Ukraine as it continues to face an invasion from Russia but either by typo or ignorance she instead championed the mysterious and non-existent country "Ukriane".

Dorries was plugging Boris Johnson's six-point plan to support Ukraine, which involves imposing further sanctions on Russia, working with other countries to mobilise humanitarian efforts and halting "the normalisation of Russia's aggression".

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Labour threw their support behind Johnson to stand united against Russian aggression, while other people had mixed views about whether the plan would be any good but in general people had more to say about Dorries' awkward spelling mistake.

It is not the first time Dorries' spelling skills have caused people's eyes to roll. Last year, she temporarily deleted her account after she reacted to Dominic Cummings' coronavirus evidence to a parliamentary select committee with a spectacular typo.

And in 2017 she thought swastikas were spelt swass stickers.

Oh, dear. It's not as if she's a published author or anything...

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