Nigel Farage’s quote about ‘moving abroad if Brexit is a disaster’ now looks more awkward than ever

Nigel Farage’s quote about ‘moving abroad if Brexit is a disaster’ now looks more awkward than ever

It’s taken a few months to come into perspective but the true cost of Brexit is starting to rear its head and it’s not looking pretty.

The past few weeks have seen the UK hit with a multitude of problems which many are linking back to Brexit - HGV lorry driver shortages, food shortages, fears of petrol shortages, energy shortages. We could go on.

Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped but several big names have not been shy to blame these issues on the UK voting to leave the European Union. In recent days former EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Labour MP David Lammy, Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford, the Road Haulage Association and even transport minister Grant Shapps have claimed that Brexit is contributing to the problems facing the UK.

The government are attempting to fix some of the problems, like introducing temporary visas for HGV drivers to work in the UK for three months in the build-up to Christmas, but judging by some of the union bosses in Europe, that won’t go down too well.

It might be a bit premature to start calling Brexit a ‘disaster’ but things aren’t looking good.

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In desperate times like this, it is always important to remember and revisit what those who got us into this situation said about Brexit and all the positive things that would happen, that are actually yet to materialise.

In recent days a quote from Nigel Farage, which the former Brexit Party and UKIP leader said in March 2017 during a broadcast of his LBC Radio call-in show, has resurfaced.

During the show, one caller named Tony challenged Farage to apologise to the country and leave politics behind if it looked like Brexit wasn’t going to turn out as predicted. Farage remonstrated by listing a bunch of politicians who haven’t resigned over similar failures but added: “If Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad.”

Farage goes on to add: “But you know what Tony it’s not going to be a disaster. We’ve just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic.”

We can’t be sure if the EU is a sinking ship but right now there is one nation in crisis and that’s the one that has just left the EU.

Farage’s quote has resurfaced in recent days and everyone has been quick to remind the ardent Brexiteer of just what he said.

At the time of writing, Farage is still in the UK but I’m sure he won’t be shy of volunteers should he need a hand packing his suitcase.

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