Nigel Farage promotes 'Brexit playlist' featuring song called 'Out of Touch'

Nigel Farage promotes 'Brexit playlist' featuring song called 'Out of Touch'

Nigel Farage admits ‘absolutely huge regrets’ over election decision

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A general election campaign can be tiring work, but Reform UK honorary president and former Ukip leader Nigel Farage appears to have a solution, as he urged people to support his political party and listen to a bizarre Spotify playlist called ‘Nigel Farage’s Brexit Club Classics’.

In a video filmed on top of a bus, with Conservative Party deputy chairman turned Reform candidate Lee Anderson visible next to him, Farage said: “It’s Saturday morning, don’t lounge around in bed, get out campaigning to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Club Classics!”

The clip shows him listening to 'U Sure Do' by Strike while on the road, confirming in a follow-up tweet that he was in Ashfield campaigning with Anderson.

As for the playlist, it clocks in at just over six hours, starting off with 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' by SNAP! before moving on to the beloved viral meme song that is Darude’s 'Sandstorm'.

It was created by user ScottTaylor98, and has been liked by more than 2,300 people at the time of writing. It is described as “a comprehensive playlist of club classics that even Mr Brexit himself couldn’t resist”.

Well, it seems it’s now got the seal of approval from the man himself.

Although the former City of London trader – who has often rallied against the “establishment” – might want to skip over 'Out of Touch' by Uniting Nations, to avoid people singing the lyrics “you’re out of touch / I’m out of time” back at him.


And Farage’s plugging of the Spotify playlist on Saturday has been met with a mixture of ridicule (with some comparing him to Steve Coogan’s cringeworthy radio presenter persona Alan Partridge) and praise (as some have conceded the track list is actually “brilliant”):

All the talk about music comes in the same week that the pop group D:Ream banned Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer from recycling Tony Blair’s 1997 election campaign anthem 'Things Can Only Get Better' for the party’s rallies this year.

It made a resurgence last week when in addition to being drowned out in a literal sense (what with the idea of standing outside No 10 without an umbrella), Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was almost drowned out by the song being blasted on speakers by “Stop Brexit” protester Steve Bray when he was trying to announce the election.

However, the pair admitted to LBC that their first thought upon learning it had gone viral after Sunak’s speech was simply, “not again”.

“There’s no way – our song and politics, never again,” said band member Alan Mackenzie.

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