Nigel Farage at a Leave Means Leave rally at Central Hall in London in 2019
Nigel Farage at a Leave Means Leave rally at Central Hall in London in 2019

The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘hypocrite’ as a person whose behaviour does not meet the moral standards or match the opinions that they claim to have.

In unrelated news, Nigel Farage has been criticised after he savaged Keir Starmer for being kicked out of a Bath pub yesterday - despite him meeting a similar fate on numerous occasions.

Writing on Twitter, the retired Brexit fan boy claimed Starmer’s team were “rank amateurs” and “idiots” for not researching the pub in which Starmer was confronted by an anti-lockdown landlord before visiting it.

But Farage has himself run into trouble in many a British boozer. In 2014, he was asked to leave a pub also in Bath, after he tried to use it for hustings.

In 2019, he was banned from his local pub in Kent after he crashed into its landlord’s car and allegedly fled the scene without checking if he was injured.

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As for “advance reconnaissance”, people on Twitter were quick to point out that Farage would have benefited from doing some himself, after he was drenched with milkshakes when he visited Newcastle in 2019 – which marginally voted Remain in the European Union referendum.

He would also have benefited from doing some in 2013, when he was forced to leave an Edinburgh pub in a police riot van, to chants of “scum”.

Ahem. “Rank amateurs”.

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