No, Donald Trump did not go full QAnon on Truth Social

QAnon Followers Frustrated After Donald Trump Admits Receiving COVID Booster

On Tuesday morning it appeared Donald Trump had gone on a full QAnon ranting spree on Truth Social by seemingly re-posting a theory to his page but it turns out it was just a glitch in the social platform's interface.

While on a spree of reposting memes that praised him and put down President Joe Biden , users noticed one meme came from a string of QAnon posts from 4chan.

The meme of Trump featured a drawing-like depiction of him with the caption, "The deep state whispered to president Trump "you cannot withstand the storm".... the president whispered back "I am the storm".

Right above the meme was a screenshot from 4chan , an anonymous posting platform popular with the far-right, where a person shared a conspiracy theory from 2017.

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Because of Truth Social's interface, Trump's reposting of the meme also included the chain of previous posts making it appear he had shared a QAnon theory.

On Twitter, Politico reporter Kyle Cheney posted a series of Trump's posts that made it seem like he had gone on the QAnon sharing spree.

"Trump is spending his morning Truth Social directly posting 4chan and Q messages," Cheney wrote.

Later on, several people pointed out that Truth Social's interface made it appear as though the former president directly reposted the 4chan QAnon theories, but he had not.

Although Trump did not directly post the QAnon theory, he has ties to the alt-right group.

Since the January 6th hearings began, the House Select Committee has provided evidence indicating QAnon, and other far right groups, worked closely to promote Trump's conspiracy that he won the 2020 election - tying the groups and Trump even closer.

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