QAnon members speculate as to whether Trump signalled them at rally

Members of QAnon have a new theory that former president Donald Trump was trying to communicate with them after the former president made a hand gesture at a rally.

This weekend, Trump, 76, spoke at a rally in Mendon, Illinois in support of Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) who he endorsed in the primaries.

During his speech, Trump addressed the Supreme Court's recent overturning of Roe v. Wade (1973) something he took credit for after nominating three Justices to the Court who helped overturn it.

The crowd began chanting "Thank you Trump" until the president turned around and waved his hand forming what appeared to be a small loop with his fingers.

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According to a Twitter account called PatriotTakes, some supporters believe the former president was trying to communicate with them given recent activity occurring within the far-right group.

In the video, followers believe Trump was making a "Q" with his hand in reference to QAnon. However, the former president also could have just waved his hand in a circular motion thanking a particular set of the audience for their support.

According to recent reporting from the New York Times, the supposed leader of QAnon who only goes by "Q" posted for the first time in nearly a year on 8kun an anonymous messaging board previously called 8chan.

“Shall we play the game again?" the post reportedly said.

The New York Times reported that messaging boards on Telegram lit up with theories that QAnon had returned.

Some believe the return of QAnon could have been sparked by the series of rulings the Supreme Court dealt over the week, including the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Meanwhile at the rally in Mendon, Trump and Rep. Miller continued to praise the Supreme Court's overturning of a person's right to abortion with Miller adding that it was a "historic victory for white life.”

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