Rishi Sunak's 'blank page' attack on Labour backfires spectacularly

Rishi Sunak's 'blank page' attack on Labour backfires spectacularly

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Politicians should know by now that standing next to or in front of a white or blank background can only ever be a recipe for disaster, as it gives Photoshop-savvy internet users the perfect opportunity to change the meaning of a photo or a video altogether, and yet Rishi Sunak made this catastrophic mistake over the weekend when discussing Labour’s election plans.

In the Conservative Party’s latest post on TikTok – a platform which has become a digital battleground for Labour and the Tories this general election period – the prime minister continued his series of videos featuring him explaining his party’s policies on a flipchart, by looking to detail “Labour’s policy for our country’s future”.

The 15-second video sees him flip over the flipchart cover to show a blank page, before capping the pen in his hand, placing it down and walking off-camera.

And naturally, Labour were quick to clap back with an edit of the video showing the “first steps for change” Sir Keir Starmer previously outlined for his government if he’s elected in July:

The six pledges are to “deliver economic stability, cut NHS waiting times, launch a new Border Security Command, set up Great British Energy, cut down on antisocial behaviour [and] recruit 6,500 new teachers”.

The social media post from the Tories was them continuing to argue that Labour has “no plan” for government in this election period, as they campaign under the slogan “clear plan, bold action, secure future”.

Except, what’s actually transpired is a number of people editing in their own message on Sunak’s blank space, and commending Labour for their “supreme trolling”:

Will they ever learn?

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