Is this viral Rishi Sunak picture photoshopped?

Is this viral Rishi Sunak picture photoshopped?
Andrew Parsons CCHQ / Parsons Media

A photo of Rishi Sunak is causing confusion on social media as people claimed it appears to have been altered.

The image, posted by the prime minister to promote his new plans to limit smoking, shows Sunak hanging out with some teenagers who are wearing American school jumpers.

This led to accusations in a now-deleted tweet that Sunak did not actually meet the children pictured, and simply edited himself in a stock image of teens.

While it looks a little odd, it appears there is a normal explanation for the photo. It was taken when the PM visited Truro and Penwith College in Cornwall in February this year. It just so happened the students he was pictured with had Americanophile tendencies and so donned college sweaters.

Journalist Robert Peston clarified the situation and shared a link to the original photo which was shared by the Conservative Party at the time.

Peston wrote: “Turns out this is not a photoshop boo-boo by Downing St social media team. But just bad luck.

“See here for the original photo of the PM with a British lad who happens to be wearing a Kentucky sweatshirt… A modern Thick of It episode!”

And the Conservative Party also confirmed that it is indeed legit, to indy100.

So that's that, folks. Nothing to see here on this occasion.

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