Tory MP's Tesco comment sparks criticism

Tory MP's Tesco comment sparks criticism
Tesco chairman says worst of rising food prices ‘yet to come’

A Tory MP has annoyed people so what's new?

This time, posting on Twitter, Brendan Clarke-Smith sparked criticism when he responded to comments made by the chair of Tesco, John Allan, about the state of politics, by focussing on a rather more niche issue instead.

Allan had told the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg that Labour's plan for the economy was more attractive than the Tories': “I don’t think we’ve seen a growth plan from the Conservatives – I hope we will," he said.

“We have seen the beginnings, I think, of a quite plausible growth plan from Labour so at the moment their ideas are on table, and many are actionable and attractive, but I wait to hear what the Government has to say in due course, but at the moment there’s really only one team on the field.”

But Clarke-Smith simply replied: "I wish he's focus on an actionable and attractive plan for the world's worst Tesco next to Westminster Station".

It seems he has just making a joke about the small and narrow-aisled branch of the supermarket but given the state of the economy and problems with the Tory party, people thought he was being pretty silly:

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The country is in bits but Clarke-Smith is tidying the deckchairs on the Titanic.

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