The Tories accused of making Remembrance Day 'all about themselves'

The Tories accused of making Remembrance Day 'all about themselves'

Remembrance Day is time to remember the fallen, as the memorial commemorates the anniversary of the armistice which marked the end of the First World War in 1918.

It gives people the opportunity to remember all those who died in the war, however a number of MPs are being criticised on social media for managing to make the entire thing about themselves.

Social media users are criticising Tory MPs who have posted images of themselves laying tributes to the fallen, accusing the posts of being in poor taste.

“Just the tories having a private moment to remember our fallen with respect & dignity,” one wrote. “What is wrong with these creatures?”

It’s not the first time people have questioned some motives and intentions surrounding Remembrance Day all – not after these rather unusual merch and memorabilia to commemorate the occasion started being sold a while back.

But still, the actions of the MPs haven’t gone down well with some.

“From the same people who bemoan virtue signalling…” wrote Marina Purkiss, before adding: “Feels really heartfelt… pure coincidence that they all felt compelled to have the same moment of remembrance… and then photograph it… and then post it.

“If a Tory MP places a poppy cross for Remembrance Day and no one is there to photograph it to put it on social media, did it really happen?,” John O’Connell wrote.

“Lot's of Tory MP's having photo op's in the remembrance garden and putting it on social media for quiet reflection!” another said.

“Remembrance is not a photo opportunity…unless you are a Tory MP!” one more wrote.

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