Trump says Cassidy Hutchinson 'living in fantasy land' after Jan 6th testimony

In news that the world really doesn't need right, Donald Trump is reportedly going to declare that he is running for president again on Monday, July 4th, aka US Independence Day.

At least that's what conspiracy theorist Alex Jones thinks.

The Infowars host told his viewers that in "five days presidet Trump is going to announce that he is running for his second term. Imagine the explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, financial implications of that.

"Roger Stone is a close confidant of Trump, he confirmed that the first six months of last year, Trump wasn't going to run. Now they've messed with him so bad, they ran America into the ground so bad, he said 'ok I'm gonna run.'

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"The question became when will he run. It became when will he make that decision. Right now, he is planning to announce; this is exclusive, this next Monday, July 4th he is running for president again."

Elsewhere, the New York Times has reported that Republicans are "bracing" themselves for "an unusually early bid for the White House" from Trump in an attempt to deflect from the allegations being made about him in the January 6th hearings.

Meanwhile, CNN says that Trump is looking to capitalise on president Joe Biden's falling poll numbers and to put his rivals like Ron DeSantis "on notice."

However, CNN also reports that people close to Trump believe that he doesn't currently have the infrastructure in place to run for president this early and that he "doesn't want to look like a dud."

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