Joe Biden trolls Trump after falling asleep in court with just two words

Joe Biden trolls Trump after falling asleep in court with just two words
Dozens of jurors excused as Trump's hush money trial begins
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Joe Biden trolled political rival Donald Trump after he fell asleep in court on the first day of his criminal trial, as per MediaITE.

On Monday (15 April), Trump was in court where he faces 34 felony charges based on claims he falsified business records to hide “hush money” payments made to Stormy Daniels.

The former president was unable to make it through the first day without falling asleep, which sparked a whole host of jokes, memes and even a new nickname – “Sleepy Don”.

Despite becoming the first US president to ever face a criminal trial, Trump remains in the presidential campaign and is aiming to defeat his Democratic rival Biden to achieve re-election in November.

But, the Biden campaign has hilariously trolled Trump over his courtroom antics in a memo laced with several hilarious references to the incident, as well as the hush money accusations. The memo was shared after the Trump campaign put out a poll memo about abortion.

The Biden-Harris 2024 memo began: “Wake Up Donald: After Stormy Abortion Ban Coverage, Trump Poll Memo Attempts to Hush Panic.”

Elsewhere it continued: “Trump’s campaign is fast asleep about a simple fact, underscored by recent polling: the vast majority of the American people, including 86% of Democrats and 67% of independents, support federal protections for reproductive freedom.”

An additional statement from Biden-Harris 2024 spokesperson James Singer read: “Open your eyes and WAKE UP, Donald. We’ll tell you what your pollsters won’t: The women of America will not be gaslit into forgetting what you’ve done, and you will face the consequences at the ballot box this November.”

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