MAGA court protest backfires and ends up drowning out Marjorie Taylor Greene

MAGA court protest backfires and ends up drowning out Marjorie Taylor Greene
Former President Donald Trump to be arraigned in NYC

Hold your whistles.

In downtown Manhattan, pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors are going head-to-head as Donald Trump prepares to attend his arraignment.

On social media, pro-Trump protesters can be seen chanting and yelling in favor of the former president. Some, dressed in red, white, and blue clothing while others carried picket signs.

Their screams for former president Trump’s innocence were partially led by Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who attempted to give a speech in the middle of the kerfuffle.

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However, the Georgia representative could barely be heard over the sounds of yelling and whistles.

Taylor Greene is an outspoken whistle-hater.

But turns out, some of the whistles were from anti-Trump protestors and some were not.

“Kind of fascinating development. The reason you can’t hear Marjorie Taylor Greene, and why this whole thing is off the rails, is because a man has been handing out free whistles,” Ben Collins wrote on Twitter.

“I talked to him. Turns out he’s a Trump supporter and he had no idea MTG was even here.”

In a video, Collins spoke with the whistle distributor who said he wanted everyone to make noise.

The unidentified man said, “We are here to make noise, they have to hear us. Make America Great Again.”

When asked if he was worried the whistles were drowning out Taylor Greene’s speech, the man seemed slightly confused.

“I like to make noise. I’m here to make noise. This is not the place to speak right now,” the man said.

Meanwhile, several anti-Trump activists purposefully handed out whistles, knowing they irritate Taylor Greene.

One activist spoke with journalist Savanah Hernandez and said they were handing the whistles out to “drown her out.”

That’s what you call a whistleblower.

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