Don Jr reveals the real reason people incorrectly assume he's coked up

Don Jr reveals the real reason people incorrectly assume he's coked up
Donald Trump Jr addresses rumors he was on cocaine during RNC speech

Donald Trump Jr is fully aware people think he’s on cocaine during his wild TV interviews - but he has an explanation for his passionate on-air behavior.

On Monday’s episode of Trump Jr’s Rumble show, Triggered, he spoke with Kash Patel about President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the media treating conservatives unfairly.

Trump Jr, 45, complained about Hunter Biden getting treated like an “upstanding human being” despite controversies surrounding his business ties in Ukraine and Russia.

“And then I gave an impassioned speech and they’re like, ‘oh Don Jr is on coke!’” Trump Jr said.

He went on to explain his passion for politics saying it “would have been a lot easier to shut the hell up and be a real estate developer” but he believes in what he fights for.

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“I got thrown into politics in my late 30s and all the sudden it’s like ‘hey I just actually believe this stuff I will more than happily fight for it,’” Trump Jr added.

“It’s so important to be in that fight.”

As the son of former President Donald Trump, Trump Jr was heavily involved with his father’s campaign and publicly supported him during his presidency.

Although he never had a formal role in the White House, Trump Jr served as an unofficial advisor and has continued to hold a leadership role within the Trump Organization.

Even after his father left the White House, Trump Jr has shown support for his father by posting rant videos on his social media pages criticising Biden. His passionate rants have landed him various cocaine accusations - which he believes are unfair.

The former first son continued his rant on being unfairly attacked saying, “ I look at what they call me: ‘a traitor.’ Adam Schiff wanted to try me for treason, you know, a crime punishable by death.”

Patel added his own anecdote about being unfairly criticised by left-wing publications as well.

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