Even Donald Trump thinks this Ron DeSantis nickname is too dumb

Even Donald Trump thinks this Ron DeSantis nickname is too dumb
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As a connoisseur of nicknames, Donald Trump has strong opinions on what makes a good, or bad, one. So when asked what he thought of one of Ron DeSantis’ recent nicknames, Trump had a definitive answer.

Previously, the former president bestowed the nickname “Ron DeSanctimonious” on the Florida governor.

While speaking with Sebastian Gorka on his podcast America First earlier this week, one of Gorka’s producers pitched Trump another potential nickname for DeSantis.

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“It’s gotta be Ron DeStablishment,” the man said.

Gorka asked Trump, “What do you think of that?”

After pondering for a second, Trump responded, “That’s not bad, I’ve heard worse.”

“You know they came out with lots of different names. Meatball - I didn’t like that one too much,” Trump added.

“Meatball Ron” is apparently the nickname Trump has used for DeSantis in casual conversation, as reported by New York Times.

However, Trump has refuted the claim, saying he will “never” call him that on Truth Social.

The Times also claimed Trump referred to DeSantis as “Shutdown Ron” in reference to Florida’s brief shutdown during the pandemic.

However, for as much as Trump does not approve of "Meatball Ron" other people thought the nickname was quite funny.

As for Ron DeStablishment - some didn't find it had the same ring to it.

However, Gorka called Trump’s response to Ron DeStablishment “high praise.”

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