Trump called to be 'tested' after confusing common phrase

Trump called to be 'tested' after confusing common phrase
Donald Trump complains US is 'just so pathetic'

Donald Trump has faced questions about his sanity after getting a common economic term completely wrong during a TV interview.

Between his numerous court cases and bid to become the Republican candidate for the next presidential election, Trump hasn’t been far from headlines.

The latest of the former president’s gaffes came during an interview broadcast that not only made him look silly but also reminded everyone of just how disastrous his administration was.

Airing on Newsmax on Monday (5 February), Trump claimed in an interview that the country would be “finished” if current president Joe Biden won reelection.

To attempt to explain his point, Trump rather embarrassingly got the words “supply chain” completely wrong and also claimed it was a little-known phrase.

Trump claimed: “Look at even things like supply change. Things we never even heard about, you never heard that term.”

In typical boastful fashion, he also claimed: “Everything worked under me, it all worked.”

But some of Trump’s critics were quick to correct him, pointing to the very real supply chain issues that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic when he was in office.

“Actually, we first heard about supply chain issues during the Covid pandemic, which occurred under Trump and which he seems to have forgotten about. Perhaps he should be tested,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Pretty sure we heard the correct term when nurses were wearing garbage bags and we were looking at empty shelves during YamT**s’ disastrous Covid response.”

Someone else argued: “Another sign of Trump's mental decline…”

One person added: “The term is ‘supply chains,’ not ‘change,’ and secondly, WTF, Donald?

“4 years ago stores ran out of toilet paper when the supply chain broke. Folks got hand sanitizer and TP wholesale to re-sell, to gouge their neighbors. Trump may have forgotten, we haven’t.”

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