Eric Trump shares bad AI image of his father's 'heroic' return to New York

Eric Trump shares bad AI image of his father's 'heroic' return to New York
Eric Trump links his father's indictment to glass display cases at CVS

Whenever Donald Trump is trending on social media, you can pretty much guarantee there’s plenty of disinformation being shared online – and this time, it's coming from Trump’s own family.

Eric Trump has posted an AI-generated image on social media, claiming to portray his father walking in New York surrounded by thousands of people.

It comes following Trump’s arrest on Tuesday (April 4). He becomes the first-ever former US president to be indicted on criminal charges, which relate to hush-money he paid back in 2016.

“One of a kind!” Eric tweeted.

People quickly realised it was completely fake, thanks to the contorted faces in the crowd and flaws in the hands of figures in the street.

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The fake image was called out on social media, but not before it had been viewed millions of times.

It’s not clear which artificial intelligence image generator was used to create the picture, but the post contains a watermark from the Twitter account Brick Suit – a supporter of Trump who often appears at rallies.

It’s no surprise to see Eric share fake images. After all, Trump himself has been sharing AI-generated pictures of himself in recent days.

The former president posted an artificial intelligence-generated image of himself kneeling and praying with several unidentified people around him.

“Pray for this man,” the caption said. “Pray for his family. Pray for this country. Pray for the world.”

Eric has been sharing fake images of his fatherGetty Images

The image seemingly came from the Instagram account of a woman named Siggy Flicker who claimed to be a “gorgeous woman” and “friend” of Trump.

The 76-year-old is accused of falsifying business records in an attempt to cover up extramarital affairs he’d allegedly had with Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels.

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