Eric Trump suggests that Black voters will flock to his father because of his criminal record

Eric Trump suggests that Black voters will flock to his father because of his criminal record
Eric Trump refuses to answer when asked if his father signed off …
Fox News

Eric Trump has made the shocking suggestion that Black voters in the United States will vote for Donald Trump because of his criminal record.

Last week, Trump made history after becoming the first former US president to be charged with criminal offences after he was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business accounts to hide hush money payments.

Despite his criminal record, Trump continues to run for reelection in November. And his son, Eric, appeared to suggest that his conviction may actually help him win votes from certain groups.

Speaking to Fox News, Eric made the unbelievable claim that “the African-American vote” is “swinging over to Donald Trump in spades”.

He claimed: “The swing of independent voters after this conviction has been unbelievable because no one believes it.

“And you know, they’re literally feeding him, you know, certain segments of the population that he might not have had in 2016 and 2020 because for the first time, they realise that the system’s coming down, that he’s the victim.

“He’s the victim that oftentimes some of their communities were.”

Eric appeared to suggest that communities that are often the victim of racial discrimination and experience disparate treatment in the criminal justice system will look more favourably on Trump because of his criminal record.

He continued: “Look at the African-American vote, right? That’s swinging over to Donald Trump in spades. Look at the Hispanic vote over the last couple years. You know, look at the youth vote right now, Maria.

“I mean, we’ve never had more youth support out there and people know exactly what’s going on and they want a strong country again.”

The disgusting claim is one that was touted by Trump himself in February, when the now-convicted former president said his many indictments are “why the Black people like me”.

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