Why Michael Cohen's TikTok livestreams about Trump's trial could be a problem

Why Michael Cohen's TikTok livestreams about Trump's trial could be a problem
Michael Cohen Reveals He's Been Asked to Testify to Congress About Trump …
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Former lawyer to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has been piggybacking off of the high publicity surrounding the former President by discussing the case on TikTok livestreams. Now, legal experts are warning him it could cause some trouble.

By discussing the former president's hush money trial on nightly TikTok livestreams, Cohen may hurt his credibility as a key witness.

According to ABC News, who have watched hours of Cohen's livestreams, Cohen has earned money through donations made by viewers on TikTok live. Cohen has used the platform to discuss Trump, the ongoing trial, and the testimony.

During a livestream last Tuesday Cohen told viewers, "Trump 2024? More like Trump 20-40 years."

And whilst Cohen's actions don't go against any court order, legal experts told ABC the livestreams are likely to damage his credibility as an essential witness in the case.

ABC News contributor and former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons said, "as a prosecutor, the last thing you want your witness to do is to be talking about the case in a forum other than the courtroom.”

Defense attorney Jeremy Saland added that Cohen's livestreams are likely to benefit Trump.


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“I have no doubt that Team Trump is scrutinizing and listening and watching whatever they can, and they are rightfully going to weaponize it in a court of law to tear down his credibility,” Saland said.

“If I’m the prosecution, I’m on the phone right now saying, ‘Stop what you are doing — right now,'” Saland added. “‘I can’t make you, but you need to stop for your own sake because it’s going to get worse for you in that courtroom. And you are compromising the case.'”

In a comment to ABC News, Cohen said he would cease the livestreams until he took the stand.

“I am not the defendant in this criminal matter and am not the subject of Judge Merchan’s gag order. Donald is,” Cohen said. “Nevertheless, I elected, out of respect to the court and the prosecutors, to cease commenting on Trump and this matter; which I have done.”

Cohen was known for his unwavering loyalty towards the former president, after he previously said he would "take a bullet" for Trump. Now, he is set to take the stand as a crucial witness for prosecutors who allege Trump falsified business records to cover up a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

In 2018, Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison, as well as ordered to pay a $50,000 fine for criminal tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, and campaign finance violations - which is likely why Cohen's relationship with Trump is now so sour.

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