Trump's attorneys are reportedly struggling to keep him awake in court

Trump's attorneys are reportedly struggling to keep him awake in court
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Donald Trump is the first to criticise Joe Biden and call him “sleepy Joe”, but Trump has been the one struggling to keep himself awake in court recently.

In fact, he reportedly fell asleep on the very first day he was in court last month – and social media was quickly full of jokes and funny reactions.

Trump’s criminal trial began on 15 April where he is facing 34 felony charges related to claims he falsified business records to hide “hush money” payments made to the former adult star Stormy Daniels.

According to reports, Trump’s attorneys are taking new measures to try and get him to stay awake.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin said that attorneys have “tried a number of different devices” as he had been “sleeping again”.

He added: “When there are sidebars, an attorney doesn’t leave his side anymore because leaving him alone means leaving him to potentially sleep. He has a stack of papers with him at all times now to go through.”

Rubin went on to say: “Neither of those things seem to have protected Trump from his own exhaustion today. More than not, when I looked up to see how Trump was receiving the testimony, Trump was not receiving it at all because his eyes were closed.”

Speaking on MSNBC, Rubin later said: “He appears to be at rest for considerable periods of time. Every time I looked up today, particularly during the first part of the day, Donald Trump’s eyes were closed. He could’ve been meditating. He could’ve been napping. That’s not for me to say other than I think he appeared to be at rest.”

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