Stormy Daniels mocks 'pathetic' Trump as he claims he'll be arrested

Stormy Daniels mocks 'pathetic' Trump as he claims he'll be arrested

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On Saturday, former US president and 2024 candidate Donald Trump made the shocking claim that he will be arrested on Tuesday, amid an investigation into Stormy Daniels’s allegation she was paid “hush money” by the Republican.

That same day, adult film star Ms Daniels – who claims she was given the payment in relation to an extramarital affair between her and Trump from 2006 – took to Twitter to poke fun at the “pathetic” politician.

As a quick side note, Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations in relation to paying Ms Daniels.

Trump continues to deny Ms Daniels’s allegations.

Four hours before Trump took to his Truth Social platform to call on his supporters to “protest” and “take our nation back” in response to his anticipated arrest, Ms Daniels replied to one individual who joked that Trump “hit” – again, allegedly – her backside.

She clapped back: “'Hit' is very generous. I’d say more like a pathetic thump but whatevs.”

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Not done there, Ms Daniels quote tweeted another post from an account who asked her what her claim about having sex with the former Apprentice star “say about you” – and gave a very NSFW answer.

“That I have a strong stomach and no gag reflex,” she wrote.

We think we just threw up in our mouth a little bit.

On Wednesday, Ms Daniels confirmed she had met with prosecutors from Manhattan’s district attorney’s office as part of their investigation into her allegations, with The New York Times reporting that Mr Trump has been informed he could appear before a grand jury next week – something thought to precede an indictment.

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