Trump supporters fail basic US citizenship test

Trump supporters fail basic US citizenship test
Donald Trump supporters struggle with US citizenship test questions
Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC

Trump supporters have been tested to see if they can pass basic US citizenship test questions and failed miserably.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to a recent Donald Trump rally in South Carolina to find out what US citizenship questions these self-proclaimed "patriots" could get correct.

Introducing the segment on his show, Kimmel said: "The people who support Trump and the MAGA agenda are under the impression that America was founded on the idea of excluding those who do not share your beliefs," Kimmel said. "Which is the opposite the truth."

The first question asked was "What is the supreme law of the land?" The answer is the Constitution, but Trump fans struggled to answer. In fact, none of the Trump fans asked could produce an answer, with only one guessing "guns and liberty".

Then they were asked how many amendments the Constitution has, which is 27. Guesses ranged from 10-30, but again, not a single Trump supporter got it right.

The next question asked what the first three words of the Constitution are, only one person got it right and that was because he heard another person behind him say it. The correct answer is "we the people."

Finally, they were asked the sing the national anthem, which only got worse as the MAGA supporters carried on.

You can watch for yourself here:

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