Trump declares 'the world is laughing at us' in Super Tuesday speech

Trump declares 'the world is laughing at us' in Super Tuesday speech
Trump says 2024 election will be 'single most important day in history …
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Donald Trump claimed that “the world is laughing” at the US after winning most of the state primaries on Super Tuesday.

The former president spoke from Mar-a-Lago and spoke ahead of the election this November against Democratic president Joe Biden.

“Our cities are choking to death. Our states are dying. And frankly, our country is dying, and we’re going to make America great again – greater than ever before,” he said during the speech.

Trump was speaking after being projected to win 12 Republican primary contests on Super Tuesday (March 5).

“We are going to take it and we are going to make it like it should be,” Trump said, speaking about the presidency.

“Right now, we are not respected, right now our country is known as a joke.”

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He also said: “They call it Super Tuesday for a reason. This is a big one.

“They tell me the pundits and otherwise that there’s never been one like this... has never been anything so conclusive.”

During the rambling 20-minute address, he also called US elections “third-world” – while simultaneously celebrating his own primary wins.

“In some ways we’re a third-world country,” he said. “We’re a third-world country at our borders and we’re a third-world country at our elections. And we have to stop that."

It comes after Trump appeared to mix up Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama again while speaking to a crowd in Richmond, Virginia.

Speaking on Saturday night (March 2), Trump said: “Shortly after we win the presidency, I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled.

“I know them both very well and we will restore peace through strength. Get that war settled. It’s a bad war.”

Seemingly in the false belief that Obama remains in charge, he added: “And Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word.”

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