Biden says 'I'm prepared to work with my Republican colleagues'

A man in the US has recently just been elected into a new position - but people can't get over his name.

The midterm elections took place in America this week, where the Republican's "red wave" prediction didn't exactly come true with the help of young people coming out to vote Democrat.

But elsewhere there were also state treasurer elections take took place in different states, including Alabama where one man with a strange name secured a win for the Republicans.

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Now that we've created some suspense, we can reveal his name is... Young Boozer.

While you may think it's a unique name, the 73-year-old's full name is Young Jacob Boozer III, which means there are three Young Boozer's as the name has been passed down his family for each generation with his dad and grandad also sharing the namesake.

Boozer told AL that his great-grandparents began the tradition by being the first to name their son Young Boozer.

The newly elected state treasurer added how his great-grandfather's surname is Boozer and his great-grandmother's maiden name is Young so the pair decided to take their two surnames to create the family name.

Amid the news Boozer had been elected as Alabama state treasurer, many were amused by his name, one declaring it to be "the highlight of the US elections so far."

While some cracked some jokes about when they've been called this name - but for an entirely different reason...

If Young Boozer ever wants to leave the world of politics, a rap career could call his name (literally).

Elsewhere, here are the 10 biggest storylines from the 2022 midterm elections - including Fetterman defeating Dr. OZ, and Trump-backed candidates faltering.

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